2018  I-Design exhibition, MANIFESTA12 collateral event, Convento della Maggione, Palermo, Italy.

2018  “Fucina Madre” exhibition for Matera european capital of culture, Matera, Italy.

2017  MOHD@SOUTH, art and design exhibition and confidential talk. Mohd, Messina, Italy.

2017  RESEARCH exhibition, Palazzo Modica, Scordia (CT), Italy.

2015  I-Design event, exhibition at BIOTOS gallery and ICOD gallery, Palermo, Italy.

2015  “Design What’s up” award, Messina, Italy.

2015  exhibition at “Summer Design Fest” promoted by ADI Sicilia (Italian Association of Industrial Design), Palazzo Cafisi, Favara Farm Cultural Park, Italy.

2015  at the top ten of Taormina “Design Talent Award” for TAOMODA event, Taormina, Italy.

2015  “United Factories” exhibition, EXPO 2015, Villa Rescalli, Milan, Italy.

2015  “Design What’s up” award, Messina, Italy.

2014  I-Design exhibition at Beninati association and at Biotos gallery, Palermo, Italy.

2014  TaoModa event, Villa Diodoro, Taormina, Italy.

2014  “Design What’s up” award, exhibition at the prestigious showroom Tito D’Emilio, Catania, Italy.

2014  “DAB productions” exhibition at MAXXI (National Museum of Art of the 21st Century) Rome, Italy.

2012  For the cultural value of its activity MU’studio receive a support to self-production and distribution of museum merchandising products by the Italian Ministry for Cultural Activities.

2012  “Il Genio delle Due Sicilie” exhibition, Place du Panthéon, Paris.

2012  “Il Genio delle Due Sicilie” exhibition at Palermo Design Week, Palermo, Italy.

2012  “Design in Corso” exhibition, Noto, Italy.

2011  Solo exhibition at “ MANINARTE”, art and design observatory, curated by professor Vincenzo Cristallo, Avellino, Italy.

In the same year, MU’factory studio is one of the founders of “Il Genio delle Due Sicilie”, a collective of designers of south Italy.

2011  Exhibition at “SLOW, Design for Development” event, at the medieval village of San Marco D’Alunzio, in Sicily.

2011  First prize at the international competition “A’Design Award” .

2010  Exhibition at Palazzo Riso bookshop, Gallery of Contemporary Art of Sicily.

2010  Exhibition at Royal Palace bookshop, Palermo, Italy.

2010  Exhibition at Civic Gallery of Modern Art bookshop, Palermo, Italy.

2010  “Open Design Italia” international exhibition for self produced design, Modena and Bologna, Italy.

2009  Exhibition at “Palazzo delle Esposizioni” Rome, Italy.

2007  Exhibition at  “Palermo Design Week”, Italy.

2006  selected at the national competition DAB (Design for Artshop and Bookshop) exhibiting at the Civic Gallery of Modena, Italy.